Hopefully this Blog will entice others to post what is happening in their now, the very moment they find themselves at this Blog. It is my intention to do just that when I am here posting to this Blog, so please join me in sharing your immediate moment, your instantaneous now.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Exploring this Moment

Exploring this Moment Tight - tense shoulders. Breath short - staccato
Thoughts darting - disconnected
body - breath - mind
this moment - the next ?

Friday, April 21, 2006

Exploring this Moment

Exploring this Moment Friday and almost time to head home. Its been a long time since I posted to this site. Here I am and its now. Many thoughts rushing through my head. All that is coming up this weekend. All that has happened this week. My fantasies about what other people are doing adn thinking, my whishful thinking about those other people actualizing my fantasies. It could be an interesting next few momnets or it coul dbe a long lonely week ahead. BUt I will practice with each moment. Each moment today has been an excellent moment of practicing. The watcher has been active. I am in this very moment excited about the work I am doing with my students producing the video of their play. They are off right now shooting the last scene. I am avoiding other less apealing work by writing my thoughts out as they occur to me. They enjoyed the movie of my trip to Arizona. for a few photos of that trip check out my Zaadz site at http://dralas.zaadz.com

Now my head is back in Arizona with clear hughe sky verhead and surrounded by intense red rocks. I look up and there is the classroom teacher wondering what I have done with her students. I think I need to talk to her now.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

at this point

Its probably already to late to comment on this moment as it flits by so quickly. Out the window a small wren is starting to build a nest. Its sunny there in a crook behind a drain pipe but its still pretty cold to be laying any eggs. Inside there is tremendous boredom amongst the students. Its one of those null days while some students are taking standardized tests and the teachers do not want to get ahead with some in the class who do not need tot take those tests so its a day for some to catch up, some on their work, some on their napping in a noisy environment skills.

Murmering voices, drone of 60 cycle hummmmmmm, the lights, the PCs, the tapping of fingers on keyboards, sereptitious looks as students try to see if anyone is watching which unauthorized site they are surfing at the moment. Mostly looking at sports or fashions sometimes the hip hop or go-go explicit lyric makes it to headline size on a screen or two. Then occasionally the filter catches a keyword and displays in blazing red letters how inappropriate the web usuage is on that workstation. Everyone laughs except for the student caught in the red glare of the watchful filter. A sputtering of excuses and then we all go on with our bored browsing of the endlessly repetitive internet. Here we are all doing the same thing everyone else is doing.

A quick moment now gone and on to the next....

Monday, February 20, 2006

Open and inviting. Receptive to everything this moment Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

one more moment

hummm and buzzzzzzzz of IC chips and 60Hz power
white walls bright in afternoon sun
alone with my thoughts, not lonely but thoughtful
fingers a little shaky not enogh sleep or fear?

Thirsty for water and craving sugar
stress always makes me want
just want, whatever is next on my want list

Winding Down

Another complicated day coming to a close. Studetns running out the door lots of chatter. I now have a few minutes to sit write and say what is happening this moment. Stillness not yet, still noise and last minute shouting of who is going where and when but the bus is about to leave so if they are not on it soon then they will be here with me for quite a while longer. Now quieter, now a little more quiet, no all I hear is the sound of the clocks spinning second hand and my fingers batting at the kleyboard. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

An anxious moment not having heard how ALex is doing after his MRI. I will call up there next. But now I am feeling the anxiety. I feel tired. Not much sleep last night. I feel ready for this week to be over and there are still two more days to go.

Thats enough o nto the next moment...........................................

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


So I have been hesitating to add more to this blog because each time I sit to write I realize how much of present moment I fell compeled to self censor. Whats the point if I am not exploring this moment due to some idea of whats acceptable to write to this miniscule audience. Its not always going to be poetry or pristine views of powdery snow fallen on the back deck. Sometimes its fury and frustration at how misunderstood my efforts and intentions are by the ones who I beleive are closest and know me best.

What is to loose and what is too tight. I hold the reins of my perception and my articulation very tightly almost all the time. its an aspect of chamelion like nature. If I am too honest it will be harder to change color and blend in with whomever I am standign next to. If I state my position with irrefutable force then how can I maintain face when that position is met by an imovable or impenetrable resistance from someone I want to be clser to? its all too much guess work and the stress piles up. The confusion mounts and I do not really know what my position is because its all been altered so many times to blend into the background of whoever I see in the foreground. Thats me for this moment.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Exploring this Moment

Exploring this Moment Just like them all

So many Blogs so few that really stay with even their own logic Too much verbiage not enough time to type it all out